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International Businesstrip Moscow


Van november 03, 10:00 tot november 10, 17:00

Bij Moskou, Rusland

Between November 3rd and November 10th, EOS wants to give you an introduction to the Russian (business)culture and gives you the opportunity to discover an international career. 

Moscow, the bustling capital of Russia, is with 9 million inhabitants the biggest city of Europe and the economic centre of the country. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia has become capitalistic very fast and shortly after the recession of 1998 Russia started to experience great economic growth.

Besides the economic centre, Moscow is also the political and cultural centre of Russia. It is especially known for its huge architectural and cultural monuments. Examples are the Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin and the Mausoleum of Lenin, which are located next to the famous Red Square.

Altogether the perfect ingredients for an amazing trip, filled with sightseeing and visits to interesting companies and organizations like Strelka Institute, Orange, Ericsson and many more.

You can join us on this trip to Moscow for only €449!

This trip is especially organized for master and premaster students. Therefore, these students have priority over bachelor students to go along on this International Businesstrip.

The registrations for this International Businesstrip are closed.


De LXXXIVe Algemene Ledenvergadering

Woensdag 12 december zal de LXXXIVe Algemene Ledenvergadering der Faculteitsvereniging EOS plaatsvinden. Vanaf 17.00 uur begint de inloop en om 17:30 uur zal de vergadering geopend worden in HG-06A33.

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EOS-blog #7: De LXXXIVe ALV

Lieve leden,

Aanstaande woensdag, 12 december, is alweer de LXXXIVe Algemene Ledenvergadering.

De Algemene Ledenvergadering vindt viermaal per jaar plaats, namelijk in september, december, maart en juni. Op de ALV legt het bestuur verantwoording af aan haar leden en bespreekt zij haar vorderingen. De voorzitter van het bestuur nodigt al haar leden uit om Algemene Ledenvergaderingen bij te wonen.

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