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Are you ready for a day full of political activitys?! On 7 June, the network committee organizes a political day to, where else, The Hague! The political heart of our Dutch democracy.

The day will start at 11:00 at the senate of the dutch parlement where we get a tour and can speak with Drs. R.H. van Luijk. It is unique to take a look at the senate of the dutch parlement, the chamber that approves or rejects all the laws of the House of Representatives.

Without different parties representing the people, there can be no politics. That is why it is then time to go to the party office of the CDA. Where the youth department, the CDJA, will also give a presentation. Because the CDA co-governs in Rutte IV, it is a party with a lot of influence and therefore extra interesting to visit.

Finally, we go to the Interprovencial Consultation (IPO). The Interprovencial Consultation is the association of the twelve Dutch provinces. The association represents the interests of the 12 provinces and forms a platform for the exchange of knowledge and innovation. Because the province decides more than you would think at first, this is also a great organization to visit.

In between lunch will be provided by the Network Committee! At the end of the day we all have a nice chat about the on the terrace!

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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