EOS is the faculty association of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The faculty association is named after EOS, the goddess of Daybreak, and was established on August 27th, 1996. On that day, Mundus (association of Political Science) and Com Laude (association of Communication Science) merged together. A new start. A new day. Since then, EOS and its 1600 members have grown into one of the biggest and most active associations of the VU and the Netherlands. At this point, the XXIII-th board is in place, and in the last 21 years, the association has developed on many fronts.

Faculty Association

EOS represents all the bachelor, pre-master and master degree programms from the faculty of Social Sciences.


There are 24 committees and 120 committee-members. Throughout the year, they organize about 80 very diverse and interesting activities regarding, study, career and the social level. Applications for committees take place at the end of September and January. 
Applications for the board of EOS start in March.

Develop your talents and explore the job market

EOS and its activities also offer a great chance to further develop your talents and qualities. As a member of a committee, you’re able to organize many different activities. You can also choose to be a board member for a year and give your CV an enormous boost. Time and time again, companies and (semi-)governmental organizations keep telling us that they value these extra-curricular activities very much.

As a regular member, you can easily get in contact with the business-life and (semi-)governmental organizations in a interactive way by visiting one of our workshops, in-house activities, lectures and thesis-prizes. Keep an eye on the two career-weeks (FSW Career-Week) and the Mindshare Thesis Awards


But that’s not all. At EOS, you can get a discount of up to 15% on your study books and you can buy summaries at great prices.