EOS 3256My name is Nathalie de Pater. I am 21 years old and I grew up in Alphen aan den Rijn. I am studying Public Administration and Organizational Science student. After two years the VU, EOS and Amsterdam feel like home for me. That is why I am living in Amsterdam for more than a year now. Ever since the introduction week I have been very excited about this beautiful, orange association. EOS gives me the oppurtunity the develop myself and my social network. And now it is time for the next challenge, a board year!

This year I will be the chairman of the XXIII board. As chairman, I will be responsible for the board and the association as a whole. In our boardyear we will mainly focus on ‘Enrichment’, as you can read in our policy plan. In addition to my role as chairman, I will also take place in University Associations Consultation, the National consultative body Public Administration and the G5. I will coordinate the Community Committee and the Introdution Committee.

Together with the rest of the board, we will make it a great year for EOS.