My name is Manon Paape. I am currently 20 years old and I was born in Gouda (like the cheese). About two years ago I moved to Uilenstede and (even though the cleaning schedule is not sacred here) this was to this day the best decision I could have made.

Without expectations, I arrived at the VU Introduction Days. This is where I first got in touch with EOS and soon after this I moved to Amsterdam. This made joining activities a lot easier and I decided to join the Media Committee. Due to this experience I met loads of amazing people that to this day, are still my friends. This is the reason I decided to join another committee in my second year, and in februari another one: the Introduction Committee.

After two years of being an active member at EOS, I figured it was time for the next challenge. For me that meant applying for the XXIVth board of Faculty Association EOS.

As chairman, I am responsible for everything that happens within and around the association. As our vision for EOS is 'Flourishing' (like the title of our policy plan), this is where our focus lies for this year.

This year I will coƶrdinate the Carpe Noctem Committee and the International Committee. Besides that I will join the University Associations Consultation, LaSSA and the G5.

Hopefully I will see you in FoyEOS for a grilled cheese sandwich or a chat, since I will be there at least five days a week. Sharon Morri Bestuursfotos 030 1