EOS 3289Hello everyone! My name is Isa Vos and I am twenty years old. I am a third year Communication Science student and this year I am going to be the secretary of the Faculty association EOS. I have been born and raised in a small town in West-Friesland. But since almost two months I moved from the small town to Amstelveen.

Two years ago during my introduction week I became a member of the Faculty assocation and since then I have done many things for EOS. During these two years I have been a member of the Carreerweek committee and the Weekend committee. With these committees I organized some fun and interesting events and got to know a lot more people. The decisive factor of me becoming a active member was the Skiing trip last year. On the Skiing Trip I got to learn a lot new people, who became really good friends of mine. Thats how I got to my decision to put my study on hold and join the board of the Faculty association.

As the Secretary, I am responsible for all administrative tasks, such as taking notes at meetings, keeping the membership records and checking the inventory. Besides that, I’ll be coordinationg multiple committees: the Alumni Committee, the Borrel Committee, Carpe Noctum, the Congres committee and the Passive committee. And finally I will take place in the National Counsil of Communication Science.

I hope to see you all at our memberslounge FoyEOS!