My name is Frank Brugman, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Smallingerland and raised in Kudelstaart. I’m now studying general economics and business economics and I’m a first-year B&O student.

I met EOS for the first time during my introduction week and immediately met the chairman of the 21st board Rebecca Simons. I was in love with EOS. This tasted like more! Last year I applied for a position in the Active Committee (the predecessor of the winter sports committee). I was appointed treasurer.
As treasurer, I was responsible for the budget of the winter sports. My coordinator has given me a lot of advice and has, among other things, contributed to my application for management.

As Treasurer of the XXIVe board, I’m responsible for the income and expenses of EOS and process this in accounting. In addition, I will deal with book and summary sales. During the year I will keep a lot of contact with the treasurers of all committees and guide them as well as possible. In addition, I am intensively involved in four committees, the Borrel Committee, the Cash Control Committee and the International Business Trip Committee. I go with the Bachelor Commission and the winter sports and the International Business Strip. I will work with the Cash Control Committee to keep the bookkeeping in order. I will also take a seat in the Platform for Political Scientists (PvP). The PvP is the national consultative body responsible for, among other things, the annual Politics in Perspective Congress.