My name is Andrea Nauta, I am at the moment of writing 21 years young. I am truly blessed to say that I am born and raised in the Venice of the North. (For the people who don't know, this is Amsterdam). Furthermore, I am a 3rd year Sociology student.

The first time I came in contact with EOS was during the introduction week from 2017. I already made a few friends whom I saw again at the Kick-Off party. Unfortunately, I was too late with applying for committees, but they had another round in February. Since I enjoyed my time during my own introduction week I was happy to hear that I became a member of the Introduction Committee. I enjoyed my time with my friends at the VU and in September I chose to do another committee. After the interviews I became the chairman of the International Studytrip Committee. This did not stop me! In February I applied again and then I became a member of the Introduction Committee AGAIN! Yes, I know it sounds cliché but my heart for EOS started in the Introduction week, so I was super happy with my spot as chairman in the Introduction Committee. Since my love for EOS grew more and more throughout the years I wanted to do more than a committee, I wanted to be a boardmember of the association where my heart grew.

As Faculty Affairs of the XXIVth Board I am the main contact for and to the Faculty and responsible for all the projects that Faculty Association EOS organizes for the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since the function of Faculty Affairs was not present last year I can give this function new content. I will try to expand the network that EOS already has within the VU. I will do this by working more closely with the Faculty Student Council, the student-assesor, the coordinators of the study programmes and more members of the Faculty of Social Sciences. With this network I will try to organize projects around themes from current affairs. These projects will be organised for all the bachelor- and (pre)masters of the Faculty of Social Sciences. My goal for these projects is to create more social awareness among our students.

In addition to all of this, I coordinate the Bachelor's Committee, the Community Committee, the Master Groups and of course the committee who always gave me a good time; the Introduction Committee. Next to that I will take a seat in National Consultative Body Sociology (LOS).

I'm very excited for this year and I hope to see you stop by the boardroom or the members lounge!