Are you becoming a Friend van EOS?
Did EOS brighten up your study time at the VU? Do you still carry EOS in your heart despite not studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences anymore? Or are you part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and you want to contribute to EOS? If the answer to one of these questions is yes, the Friend of EOS membership is something for you!

For whom is the 'Friends of EOS' membership?
Friends of EOS are EOS-alumni or people involved with the Faculty which no longer study but still want to stay connected with EOS. Friends of EOS pay a yearly fee which they can decide on themselves. Next to a lot of good karma, you also benefit in other ways by becoming a Friend of EOS. This year packages have been put together for Friends of EOS. For a contribution of €25 to €65 euro you get an EOS notebook, for an amount of €65 to €99 euro an EOS linen bag and for an amount of over €100 euro a champagne/wine cap.

What does EOS offer you?
Friends of EOS have the same rights as Alumni of EOS do with extra benefits. First, you are welcome to attend all EOS-activities, the general assemblies of EOS and you can become a member of several committees (Lustrum Committee, Alumni Committee and all Advice & Supervision Committees). As a friend of EOS, you will be seen as active alumni of EOS and will also be contacted for business- and networking events. Next to that, you are welcome to all yearly alumni activities, but you will also be invited to a special Friends of EOS activity.

What is asked of you?
As Friend of EOS, you pay a yearly contribution of at least €15,-. You can also decide to contribute more on a yearly basis, which will be much appreciated. When you contribute €100,- or more per year you will be included in the EOS Wall of Fame, which you can find in our members lounge. With the extra money contributed by you, EOS can offer a greater experience for their current members. You can stay a Friend of EOS for your whole life, but you can always decide on a yearly basis to cancel your membership.

With the extra money raised by your membership, this year the Dragons' Den has returned. Twice a year, committees are given the chance to give a pitch and have a chance to make their ideas come true.

Dragons’ Den winners of 2018-2019:
Last year the Friends of EOS made it possible:
• That for the first time in three years a Career Market has taken place during the Career Week. The Career Week Committee I, the Business Club Committee and the External Relations Committee have joined forces to create a well-attended Career Market.
• That inspiring speakers could be invited to speak at the EOS Congress.
• To create a Silent Disco at the EOS Members Weekend.

Become a Friend of EOS!
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