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General terms and conditions for participation in the EOS Snow Day 2022 that is organized on
February 11, 2022 at Snowworld Amsterdam

  1. EOS is not liable for any damage to, theft of or loss of property of the participant.
  2. Any damage caused to third parties (e.g. location, equipment, etc.) must be
    compensated for by the participant.
  3. Cancellation is not possible after the paid amount of €38.45 unless there are good
    reasons to do so. In case of a valid reason (which is determined by the committee and
    the board without any discussion being possible) a refund is possible provided that a
    replacement participant is found who is suitable for the trip (to be judged by EOS).
    Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances. The EOS Board 2021-2022
    will decide on this and no discussion is possible on this decision.
  4. The committee reserves the right to make any price changes.
  5. A participant who causes or may cause such nuisance or inconvenience that the
    proper execution of a trip is or may be greatly hindered by it, may be excluded from
    (continuing) the trip by the committee or the board.
  6. EOS sees it as its duty to keep risks to a minimum, but the participant himself bears
    these risks. Participants should therefore be alert to safety at all times and are
    responsible for their own behaviour.
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