On September 24, I wrote the very first EOS blog post on the website. Now, 10 months later, I am already writing the last blog of our board year. The year is already over!

It was a year with many highlights and many memories were made. Below are a few highlights described of this year.

Have you missed one of these activities? No worries! There are already many activities planned for next year!

Women dressed in a beautiful dress and men in a nice suit! Everyone looked beautiful. The annual EOS Gala took place in club Maia. Completely sold out, nice music, beautiful people and lots of beautiful photos.

EOS Businessclub
The year in which the EOS Businessclub started! A lot of motivated FSS students have joined the EOS Businessclub this year. We can only be very proud of this! With the many inhouse days and workshops, we can say that this was a fantastic first year for the EOS Businessclub!

Members Weekend
In June we went to Sevenum on the Members Weekend. It started on the bus with a varying range of songs that everyone sang along with joy. Great food, a silent disco, a theme party, many games and great weather!

Members Card
Together with the board, we spent the entire year developing an EOS Members Card. A digital card that gives you discounts at around 110 stores including Albert Heijn Zuidas and Starbucks Gustav Mahler.

CLU Efteling
Every year EOS organizes two activities for committee members. This year we went to the Efteling again after a few years. Around half past eight, we left the VU by bus to the Efteling. De Droomvlucht, Joris en de Draak, De Baron, De Vliegende Hollander, Carnaval festival, we have been everywhere! We want to thank all committee members again for their effort this year and for the super nice day! We enjoyed it.

Of course, there are many more highlights! We want to thank you all for your commitment to EOS. Thanks to you, we had a great year.

I wish you a very nice and well-deserved vacation!

Lots of love,

Nathalie de Pater
On behalf of the XXIIIrd board