Labor market related activities are organized during the FSS Career Week. This committee has the task of organizing a varied, FSS-wide range of in-house days, workshops, excursions and lectures that will put you in contact with the business community and as a student. Make valuable connections for later and get a better view of the labor market. In this committee you are in constant contact with companies, which can be useful for future internships or jobs, and you learn a lot about acquisition and promotion. You can apply for this committee at the end of September.


Chairman:  Rianne de Vogel
Secretary:  Laura van Vliet
Treasurer/External Affairs:  Kedi Negede
External Affairs:  Nathalie Veraar
External Affairs: Koen Scheepers
Public Relations: Saviël Kuiken

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Top row: Nathalie, Saviël, Shade (coordinator), Koen 
Bottom row: Kedi, Laura, Rianne