The EOS Businessclub Committee is responsible for organizing monthly activities with a focus on career orientation. For example inhousedays, workshops and interesting readings. Develop more experience, discover your talents and find a job that directly matches your study experiences by participating in this committee. As a committee member of the EOS Businessclub you are busy with contacting companies, which gives you the opportunity to build a broad and strong network. You can apply for this committee in september 2019.

The committee

Chairman:   Linda Adriaans
Secretary:   Henriët Schonnewille
Treasurer:  Wijnand Ris
External Affairs:   Catharina ter Kuile
External Affairs:  Josha Vanderbroeck
Public Relations:  Max Koningen

Businessclub cropped BorderMaker

Above: Wijnand, Catharina, Josha & Charlotte (coordinator)
Below: Linda & Henriët