Carpe Noctem is the EOS party committee. The name stands for: “Seize the Night” and that’s its exact purpose! The Carpe Noctem committee members organize about two parties a year and a fancy gala. They take care of the location, the theme, the DJ’s and/or band and off course: the decoration. In other words, these committee members are responsible for our nightly fun!

In the past years, the committee has organized an exclusive gala at Club Nova and parties with themes like ‘guilty-pleasure music’, ‘summer vibes’ and ‘outside the lines’.

Chairman: Manon Paape
Secretary/Public Relations:  Mathijs Hengeveld
Treasurer:  Julian Brouwer
External Affairs:  Avi Kooijman
External Affairs: Rens Mulder
Public Relations: Sharon van Renselaar
Public Relations: Eva Hofstede

CN cropped BorderMaker

Boven: Sharon, Eva, Manon, Mathijs & Avi
Onder: Julian, Isa (coordinator) & Rens