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A board year at EOS is very educational, challenging and above all great fun. This week Joep will tell a bit more about his experience as Network Officer of the board.

“I really love the function that I have. The combination of Faculty Affairs and External Affairs is such an efficient and strategic combination, that I really hope this function is there to stay next year as well. I cannot recommend this function enough. I have also learned a lot! I have learned to stand my ground, negotiate, persuade people and to work closely together with a wonderful team 5 days a week. I recommend a board year to everyone.

What aspects I love the most about my position is that I have autonomy, that I do acquisition, which gives me energy and that my network has expanded massively! Some migth say that my function is ‘too corporate’, or at least, that is what I often hear. My opinion on that is that it is entirely up to you if you make your function corporate or not. It might be true that some jobs and organisations are corporate and those are exactly the organisations I pursue. However, you have complete freedom in that. If you want to lay the focus on NGO’s for instance, you have the freedom to do that!

In short, my time as the Network Officer has been an amazing experience, I recommend this position to everyone and I look forward to the second part of the academic year!”

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