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A board year at EOS is very educational, challenging and above all great fun. This week, the function Public Relations will be highlighted!

“During a board year you learn so many different things. During the first few months, you mainly learn a lot about the technical part of the functions, such as Photoshop and the website. Besides that, you also learn a lot about the general tasks of a board member. Think about working together with your other board members, developing planning skills and being creative. Next to learning a lot of new skills, you will also get to know yourself way better. You will learn what your strengths are and what skills you still have to work on. This is really useful, also for in the future. 

The greatest part of PR is the fact that you can always come up with new ideas and you have the freedom to set up your own projects. This way you can make it as fun and challenging as possible. You have the opportunity to do things your own way (within the basic lines of course). Another really fun part of being PR is that you are in contact with almost every committee, to work together on the promotion for events. This way you keep in touch with lots of members, which is really nice!!”

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