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The Advisory Council 

The Advisory Council is one of the advising bodies of EOS. The council advises the board on different matters. Besides that, they support the current board by, among other things, coaching them individually. They are the contact when it comes to executing policy and also when it comes to general EOS-related issues. By previously gained experience in the form of committee- and/or board experience or experience with coaching, you can help the board have an unforgettable year.

Are you interested in having a role in forming policy, and in being informed on the most important regulations that come with this? Do you have insight in team connections and/or what the best way is to give feedback? Apply now for a role within the Advisory Council!

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is the second advisory body of EOS. The members of this committee are responsible for keeping an eye on the budget and other financial matters of EOS. Furthermore, they support the treasurer of the current board and give advise and feedback when needed. Maintaining the financial stability of the association is the end goal of this committee. By keeping an eye on the income and expenses of EOS, you’ll be working with the treasurer to ensure the sustainability of the association.

Do you have experience with financial and administrative affairs and are you interested to further develop yourself in those areas? Do you have an insight into EOS and would you like to help our association on a financial level? Apply now for a role in the Audit Committee!

Please fill out the form below to apply for the Advisory Council or the Audit Committee.

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