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Daniel van Dijk Chair

Hi everyone, Daniel here!

It’s a great honor to be one of the board members this year. Last year I finished my Bachelor in communication science and this year I will be active as the chair of the 26th Board of EOS. I’m excited for this year that should bring all the students of the Social Sciences back together.

EOS has big part of my time at the VU and I can’t imagine what these three years would look like without EOS. I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many memories with them and I really hope this year EOS can provide the same thing for you. This year I will be the coördinator of four committees: Bachelor committee, Yearbook committee, Congress committee and the Lustrum committee. I’m very sure that these committees will do their best to organise their activities so it would be amazing to see a lot of students enjoy it. I hope to speak to all and get to know you all during our events or in our members lounge (FoyEOS). EOS is created for students but students also make EOS the place to be at the VU. Let’s make it a great year together!

Zhora Schorr Secretary


My name is Zhora and I am 19 years old. I still live with my parents in Blaricum, a small village, but most of the time you can find me in Amsterdam for EOS, friends or parties.

Last year I studied public administration and organizational sciences at the VU. Due to my full-time position on the board, I am taking a gap year to fully focus on EOS. As the Secretary and Internal Affairs of the XXVIth board, I am responsible for the administrative duties and wellbeing of the other board and committee members. Beside that I will recruit and select all of the committee members together with the application committee. This year I will coordinate the Borrel committee, the Ambiance committee, the Introduction committee and the International Business Trip committee. A lot of fun!

I am very much looking forward to this year. You can find me in the boardroom or FoyEOS on the second floor. Hope to see you all soon!!! 🙂

Floris Lamb Treasurer

Hey everybody! I am Floris, the board treasurer of EOS!At the moment I am 21 and live in Oegstgeest, but most of my time is spent in Amsterdam & Leiden.

Currently I am pursuing a bachelor both in Political Science with Honours and Law, so my days are quite busy with studying and EOS. This means that I am a so-called ‘part-time’ board member, which means that I study in combination with my position in the board. As a treasurer I am responsible for all the financial aspects of EOS, this encompasses a wide range of activities: from booking tickets to bookkeeping itself. One of the most important tasks is to oversee all other treasurers of the many committees EOS has.

The committees I coordinate are the legendary Carpe Noctem that organizes multiple gala’s & parties around the year and the Wintersports Committee for some snow-filled adventure. Furthermore I like to read about history, a good borrel & dachshunds. Usually you can find me in the board room, so if you have a question you can always drop by!

Jeroen Boer External Affairs

Hi guys my name is Jeroen. I’m the External Affairs Manager, this means I’m in charge expanding and creating EOS’ network with organisations, businesses, sponsors, and partners. I study Political Science, but I also play a lot of tennis and work two jobs. This year I’ll be coordinating both the Network and Move committee. I’m very excited about being a board member for EOS and I’m sure we will put together a successful year for you with lots of opportunities and parties!

Emma Arayess Public Relations

I’m Emma, 22 years old, originally from Arnhem but currently living and studying in our Amsterdam. I love being outside, taking pictures, enjoying cultural activities and being around my friends & family.

I am the Public Relations Officer of the XXVIth board of EOS. Which basically means I’ll channel the information between board, committee and member. Online on our socials, flyers around the campus and some face-to-face chats ofcourse! This year I’ll be coordinating two committees! The Sports and Media committee. Hopefully this year will bring more opportunities for events to be hosted ánd captured, which we can all enjoy. I’m looking forward to creating a memorable year for all EOS members, for our old and new friends. See you in FoyEOS or online!

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