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EOS is the association of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The faculty association is named after Eos, the goddess of dawn, and was founded on August 27, 1996. On that particular day, the merger of Mundus (association Political Science) and Com Laude (association Communication Science) was a fact. A new beginning, a new day, a new dawn. Meanwhile, with 1400 members, EOS has grown into one of the largest and most active associations of the VU and the Netherlands. Currently the XXVth board of the association is seated and in the past 25 years the association has developed strongly in all areas.

Faculty association
As a faculty association, EOS does not represent one particular study, but is there for all studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences. This includes the bachelor studies of Administration and Organization Science, Communication Science, Sociology, Political Science and Cultural Anthropology & Developmental Sociology. In addition, EOS represents legions of pre-master and master studies. 

There are 18 committees with a total of 73 committee members who organize around 80 very diverse and always interesting activities throughout the year within the pillars Study, Fun and Business. Applications for committees can be made at the end of September and January. Applications for the board of EOS can be made from March onwards.

The most important room of EOS is its members’ room: FoyEOS. You will find it on the second floor of the main building in HG 02A-03 and it is open every weekday from 10 am to 4 pm. Of course, as always, the infamous foosball table can be found here. Furthermore, this room is used for meetings, drinking coffee, catching up and studying. Here you will also find the EOS desk, where you can buy books, summaries and merchandise and pay for various activities. 
In addition, the EOS board can be found in HG 02A-61, the association’s boardroom.

Unleash your talents and explore the job market
With all these activities, EOS also offers an excellent opportunity to develop your own talents and qualities. As a committee member, you can organize a wide variety of activities or spend a year on the board, giving your CV and yourself an enormous boost. Time and again we hear from companies and (semi-)governmental bodies that they highly value precisely these activities in addition to your studies.
As a regular member you can get in touch with the business world and the (semi-)government in an accessible, interactive way through the many workshops, in-house days, lectures and thesis awards. Keep an eye on the FSW Career Week, the annual conference and the Mindshare Thesis Award.

Discount on study books
But that’s not all, at EOS you also get up to 15% discount on your study books and you can also buy summaries at the desk in FoyEOS.

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