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Welcome back with a new guest for our Get to know me(mbers). This time we are happy to get to know more about Liza Zakon. She is part of the borrel committee for the second time already. This means she has been part of EOS for two years so therefore she is the perfect guest. 

Liza is an international student who is in her second year of the bachelor Communication Science. Next to her education she has a job as a bartender in an Irish pub. In her free-time she enjoys to walk in Amsterdam and discover the city. Although she has been here for two years the city is still quite new to her, so there is enough to explore. Besides walking her way through Amsterdam she likes to hang out with friends and go to dance lessons.  

Now that we got a better picture of what Liza does in her personal life, we where also interested in why she decided to join the borrel committee of EOS and she said the following: 

‘So, when I first came here there was Corona so we kept going in and out of lockdown. I thought joining a committee would be a great way to meet people and be more involved with other students. Last year I was the chairman of the borrel committee, but the most borrels where online. I still got to know a lot of people and I decided I wanted to stay another year in the same committee to do it this year.’ 

Currently Liza fulfills the position of External Affairs within her committee. She describes her responsibilities as follows: 

So, I call up all the restaurants, bars and clubs and I ask if we can host our event there. We also make some deals with them so we can have a cheaper drink for instance. I also make sure we stay in good contact with the bars and clubs that we’re already in a good relationship with.’ 

What distincts Liza from the previous candidates of GET TO KNOW ME(mbers) is that she is an international student, so we also wondered how she experiences being in a committee as an international and if she would recommend it to others.  

‘I think it’s a really cool experience. I became more organized and you learn how to work in a team. Also you get to know more people and you’ll feel more involved. If you’re part of a committee you will always see the same people around at parties which is nice and you will feel less of a stranger. I think it’s important that international students also will join the committee so we will have a more diverse Social Sciences Study Association. If you study an international track you won’t meet a lot of Dutch people and here you’ll meet both a lot of Dutch and International people you will learn more about their culture.’ 

So EOS seems like the perfect fit for international students! To gather some nice memories we asked Liza about her favorite memory within EOS: 

‘I think the most fun was the Cantus, I really liked it and I think it was a lot of fun. There were no COVID restrictions and we were drinking and singing together and it was super messy and just how student life is supposed to be. I also really liked the HALOWEEN borrel we held this year at the FoyEOS. I felt like corona was over, even though we went in lockdown after. But still … everyone was here and we went to Hotshots afterwards and it was a lot of fun.’ 

To close off the interview we asked about what Liza is looking most forward too and she had a really nice answer: 

‘I’m looking forward to so much events! I’m really looking forward to the gala because I didn’t go to a ball after my high-school gala. I’m also looking forward to a big borrel we want to host with the borrel committee. We have some money saved up so we want to give a really big event that everyone can join. And last I’m also looking forward to the members weekend I feel like it’s gonna be really cool and chaotic with everyone. So I recommend everyone to join! 

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