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GET TO KNOW ME(mbers) 

Get to know me(mbers)

Welcome back! Today we are happy to announce our last guest of this Academic Year: Yusuf Kaplan! We invited Yusuf to get to know more about him and his relationship with EOS. This is Yusuf his first year within a committee but before that he was already an active member at EOS. Therefore he knows more than enough about EOS and we are curious about it. But let’s start with getting to know more about Yusuf.

Yusuf is 24 years old, lives at Uilenstede and is in his third year of Public Administration and Organization Sciences. When we asked about what he likes to do in his free time he answered the following:

“Well I am an outgoing person so I like to go out for food or to festivals.. whatever it may be. Also I have a huge passion for MMA so that’s what I do multiple times a week.”

Next to doing these fun things, he also has a side job at a logistics company in Amsterdam-Noord. Now that we got a better picture of what Yusuf does in his personal life, we were also interested in why he decided to join EOS and specifically the borrel committee and he said the following:

“Well in my first year they gave a lot of presentations about EOS in the introduction weeks, so that’s how I came to know about it. In my third year I decided to join a committee because, I went to one of the borrels and they all told me that it would be a lot of fun to join and then I just decided to do it.”

Yusuf also told more about his experience in the drinks / borrel committee:

“It’s great, it’s fun. I am the chair of the borrel committee and I used to be there at the borrels anyways so now I just get to organize them which is even more fun I think. My role as a chair is to organize meetings, set them up and make sure that everybody knows what their task is and keep track of the progress so that everything gets done in time.”

As this is the last GET TO KNOW ME(mbers) before the summer break it seemed like the perfect time to ask about Yusuf his favorite memory of EOS:

“I gotta say my favorite memory was the members weekend. We were like sleeping with 12 people in one room and we were all still awake and then we decided at 4AM that we still had too much energy left so we all got up and threw a massive rave. Next to that we had a talent show, sports day and we enjoyed the sun and we played a lot of games together. And obviously we partied. For the talent show I had to solve a rubix cube within a minute. But I already had a few drinks, so it wasn’t within one minute but I still solved it tho.”

And last but not least we wanted to know about Yusuf his favorite borrel this year as he was the chair of the borrel committee:

“I think the borrel at Pllek. Because it was a very nice place and a lot of people came. Or maybe I should say the crafts bear borrel. Because we all were tipsy and the bear tasted very good and the vibe was very nice. It was a very fun borrel. And we went to hotshots after that as well ofcourse.”

We want to thank Yusuf for this interview and all the previous members who wanted to participate in the interview. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it and hopefully we will be back after the summer break!

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Featured member: Yusuf Kaplan, Chair of the Drinks Committee 2021 – 2022

Written by: Minou de Sanders, Media Committee 2021 – 2022

Supervised by: Emma Arayess, Public Relations of the XXVIth board of Faculty Association EOS

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