Get to know Scott Nijssen

Welcome back to the third edition of this year, with another cherished new member: Scott Nijssen! Fortunately, Scott comes from a nearby town called Nieuw-Vennep and he was able to grasp a room at Uilenstede this year. At the moment he is doing a pre-master and he is a first year student at VU.

Let’s dive in the man with the golden beard and see what brings him to our glorified VU main building. First of all Scott is going to introduce himself, his likings and his passions:

‘’Thank you for having me.’’ he replied with a big smile. ‘’Currently I’m 24 years of age, and always on the go, looking for sportsmanlike activities. I have been playing rugby for the vast majority of my life, and I’m also into fitness.’’ On top of that Scott has substantial interests in three main topics: geopolitics, religion and science. His main sources of information are books, the news and YouTube. He remarks the usage of videos being more informative and easier to remind. Especially nowadays, geopolitics is a vastly dominant concern due to the Russo-Ukrainian war. He reads a lot about these topics and the relations between countries involved.

After introducing himself, we were very curious about his past and decision to apply for a pre-master at VU.

‘’Well, I started at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, or in Dutch Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), where I got my degree in Physical Education. I’ve been into motivating people all my life, but I knew I did not want to teach all day long. That’s why I was looking forward to pursuing a masters degree as well.’’ A few examples he gave for a career were working for the government, especially the Ministry of Defense, or a managing position in education. In the end, he choose the master for Public Administration & Defense. 

After complimenting him he choose VU instead of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), he replied: ‘’Although switching from the HvA to the UvA was a logical decision, because they are cooperating. I just felt that people are more connected with the teachers and each other at VU, like a community. Besides, the masters at other universities were either far away or not substantial enough. To top it all, my brother studied here as well and only had positive feedback. So it was an easy choice, really.’’

Since we now know more about Scotts interest we also were keen on knowing why he joined EOS.

‘’That is a very good question.’’, he jokingly replied. “Before starting the first semester I already did my math’s and looked at all the possibilities at VU. That is how I first got a glimpse of EOS. I didn’t really think much of it at first, because my main focus was my studies and just getting to know everything and all. But then, at one of my lectures, the board gave a presentation about all the benefits you get and how amazing EOS is. It really struck me in a way, and I think I was sold instantly.’’ After the lecture Scott immediately signed up. The deadline to sign up for a committee was only a few days ahead, but he knew he was up for it and applied.

So, please do tell Scott, what committee are you in?

‘’I’m the chair of the Borrel Committee, and really looking forward to this year. I think as a first year EOS member you won’t get the chair position easily. But I have a lot of experience with organizing activities at the HvA as a captain, and I’m a little bit older. I’m enjoying managing activities that are in interest of the common good and make sure people have a good time. So any position besides being the secretary would’ve been beneficial for me, but I’m really honored with my position as a chair.’’ 

Although it is still early in the year, we asked Scott’s favorite memory of EOS and what he was looking forward to.

“My best memory were actually two things, first of all I had to speech at the first borrel we organized (Halloween), and second, I just realized after being presented as a chair that beer is free at all the borrels in FoyEOS! I was so used to paying for beer at other associations that the surprise of free beer just hit me in a different way.’’ He replied while laughing. ‘’No, but seriously, what I’m looking forward to mostly is just getting to know new people, and getting to know all the people I met already even better. Also, since I’m a certified skiing teacher, I’m really curious what the ski trip is going to bring and all the other fun activities.’’

Getting to one of the final questions, we asked what his biggest achievement is thus far and what his main life goals are.

‘’My biggest achievement is not one thing necessarily, but if I have to say one thing then it would be having the experience of being in the second best rugby team of the Netherlands. But I would rather say my best achievement is overcoming my own setbacks. Like I really wanted to be an officer for the military, but I had an injury so I couldn’t apply anymore. My family is not religious, but I found a way in believing and converted to Christianity. All my brothers went to university, which I wasn’t able to do at first, but now I’m here. So even with all the setbacks I found a way to retaliate.’’

Unfortunately time flew by and Scott is a really great talker, but we have to end with a final question. Since he is the chair of the borrel committee we asked what his favorite drink is.

‘’Personally I don’t have one go-to drink. I would rather say I’m a generalist. Mostly I drink whiskey and beer. But a Hennessey or Jack Daniels with Coca Cola is always welcome. When it comes to beers I prefer special beers like: everything from Brouwerij ‘t IJ, Tripel Karmeliet, Affligem Blond, La Chouffe (especially cherry), Cornet, I can keep on going.’’ 

Is there one thing you hate drinking?

‘’YES, TEQUILA! Haha, I just can’t drink that. My body says no, even if it is just one sip I will throw up. Also Safari, this really sweet kind of booze you drink when you’re sixteen.’’

Hereby we end the interview and we thank Scott and all previous members for participating. Hopefully you enjoyed the interview and we will be back next time with a new member.

Do you feel like being the next EOS superstar and can’t wait to be interviewed? 

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Featured member: Scott Nijssen, Chair Borrel Committee, 2022 – 2023

Written by: Max van der Linden, General Member Media Committee

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