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Welcome to our second: Get to know me(mbers) with our guest Lisa Lambert. We invited Lisa to get to know more about her and her relationship with EOS. This year is already her second year as chair of the wintersports committee, so we are curious to know a bit more about what it exactly is that she does and how she experiences it. Next to that we like to get to know more about her personally.

We started off with a short introduction. Lisa is 19 years old and is a second year political science student. She used to live in Heerhugowaard near Alkmaar, but recently moved out and went to live by herself at Uilenstede.  In her free time Lisa likes to sport. She used to kickbox and still loves to go to the gym. She also has a really creative side as she enjoys drawing. And last but not least Lisa likes to cook and bake different kinds of things:

‘Now that I am living on my own I find it really fun that I can decide what to eat everyday and actually cook it myself. That is a freedom that I didn’t use to have. So no longer just potatoes, vegetables and meat every evening’.

After getting a clearer picture of who Lisa is and what she likes to do we also wanted to know more about her reason for joining the Wintersports Committee and what her role is within that committee. She describes her reason for joining this committee as follows:

‘In my first year I really wanted to apply for a committee and skiing is a passion of mine, so the Wintersports Committee made sense for me. I applied for the chair position. Unfortunately due to covid the event got cancelled and unfortunately this year again. But I really like it at EOS and I find the Wintersports Committee a good fit for me.’

As a chair she is supposed to book the accommodation, transportation and the rest together with the treasurer. She is also in charge of helping her committee members when they need it. Further she is the first contact, so if the other committee members or the participants of the event have a question she would be the person they can go to. But as the event was this year in the Netherlands at Snowworld she had to do other things and took charge of the planning while delegating some tasks to the other committee members.

As she already has some experience as a committee member we asked her to give a tip for the people who might want to join a committee next year and she gave a very useful tip:

‘Trust your gut when you pick a committee. Because a lot of people told me to join other committees, but I really wanted to join the Wintersports Committee. So, if you are debating about joining a committee, just really look at what you find interesting or what you would like or something that corresponds with your hobbies.’

Next to her role as a committee member she also participates in other fun EOS activities and we wondered what her favorite EOS memory is and her answer was as follows:

‘Recently we went to hotshots and that was so much fun, because it was the first time that we really went partying with everyone I know from EOS. And another nice memory was from last year when there was a borrel in June. That was like the first real life borrel and that was actually the first time that I met everyone who I knew from Zoom meetings and Zoom borrels. I knew everyone so that was a really fun memory to finally meet everyone in person.’

To close off the interview we asked about what she is looking most forward to EOS related. And next to the fact that she is looking forward to more fun activities and getting to know more people, she also potentially will apply for a board year next year. So maybe you just got to know a bit more about a potential board member!

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