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Welcome back! We’re kicking off the first interview of the year with Kiki de Keizer.

She’s originally from Naarden, but recently moved out of her parent’s home to the big and vibrant Amsterdam. She lives with two other roommates and feels already very much at home.

Kiki, majors in Public Administration and Organizational Sciences and is currently enrolled in the Healthcare Management minor. We asked her why she specifically chose this minor:

“I’m interested in the healthcare sector and I’m looking forward to exploring if this field is something I’d like to pursue a career in”

We notice that she’s highly ambitious and motivated and is wondering what she likes to do in her time off. She tells us that she works as a recruiter at a temp agency, but also has multiple things she likes to do when she isn’t working or studying. She’s also a member of a rowing association in Amsterdam.

Kiki has a boyfriend who studies in Maastricht, but who she often sees during the weekends! Her favorite thing is eating sushi and watching a movie with her best friend. She asked us if she can give a shout-out to her, Lisa Mulder. Lisa and Kiki go way back, but are currently enrolled in the same study program, both EOS members and… are even on the same Committee! However… this semester her bestie will be studying abroad so

Kiki gave us permission to find her a new friend until Lisa comes back 😉. So if you’re interested in becoming Kiki’s temporary friend send a message to or @kikidekeizer. Hit her up.

Last year this active member was a part of the Carpe Noctem Committee. This committee organizes the bigger parties of EOS. Like the EOS Lustrum Gala, EOS Closing Party, and… the upcoming EOS KICK-OFF party. She tells us that loved to plan these big events since all members enjoyed it so much. We asked Kiki, what committee she’s interested in joining this year.

“I’m not sure which committee I will be joining this year, there are so many different committees within the three pillars, Study, Fun, and Business. But I heard that on the 15th of September there will be a Committee Information Market. I’ll definitely be joining then, to compare all committees.”

After talking about committees and her personal life, we’re super interested in finding out her favorite EOS memory.

“My favorite memory at EOS so far is the Committee Member Outing to the Efteling. I met so many other Committee Members, who I can now call my friend. And… I love the thrill of a rollercoaster”

She told us that if she could’ve chosen a second one it would have been the EOS MEMBERS WEEKEND 2022, since we told her that wasn’t an option… She told us then that the one thing she is most looking forward to is the EOS MEMBERSWEEKEND 2023!

By the time we nearly ended this interview she told us there was one more thing she’d like to say:

“I’m so happy with EOS and all the people I’ve met here. The Members Lounge FoyEOS is my favorite spot on Campus since it’s the perfect study spot and all the people I know are here. I’m thankful for all the borrels, dances at HotShots, and the friends I’ve made for life.”

I’d lie if said that I wasn’t touched by these kind words from such a fun and active member. Thank you, Kiki for making time for this interview.

Want to be the next featured member, because you have an inspirational story or just because you’re simply awesome?

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Featured member: Kiki de Keizer, Public Relations Carpe Noctem Committee, 2021 – 2022

Written by: Emma Arayess, Public Relations of the XXVIth board of Faculty Association EOS

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