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GET TO KNOW ME(mbers) 

Welcome back! Today we are happy to announce our new Get to Know Me(mbers): Julian Cremers. We invited Julian to get to know more about him and his relationship with EOS. This year is already his second year as a member of EOS, so we are curious to know a bit more about his reasons for joining EOS and how he experiences it so far. Next to that we like to get to know more about him personally. 

We started off with a short introduction. Julian is 21 years old, he is a second year Political Science student and he lives at Uilenstede in Amstelveen. In his free time Julian likes to read, draw and hang out with friends. Next to that he is also into sports. Therefore he is an active member of rowing association Okeanos and he even had a competition last weekend in Rotterdam. 

Now that we got a better picture of what Julian does in his personal life, we were also interested in why he decided to join EOS and he said the following: 

“Well it was the fall of 2020 and I just started my first year of Political Science. I heard of EOS because I went to the introduction days at the VU for my study.  Also when I looked at Political Science I heard of EOS and when I actually chose that study I decided to join. One advantage that I heard of before joining was the discount for the books which is always nice and handy. And then I met some of the members and I realized that this was actually kind of a warm and friendly environment. And I made a lot of new friends here so that is nice. And in 2020 I also joined the Wintersports committee, but because there was still COVID that committee was cancelled after three weeks. And then the second half year I joined the Introduction Committee. Last year I was the treasurer and this year I am the chair of the Introduction Committee.” 

So Julian already has been in multiple committees over the past two years. We were mostly interested in what he does now as a chair of the committee and he answered the following: 

“I prepare the meetings, I make the agenda and I make sure that everyone does what they have to do. Next to that I have to make sure that we are all still motivated to get the job done and I also check whether we make progress in our planning.” 

Besides having such responsibilities we were also wondering whether he had fun in his committee and Julian provided a really nice answer: 

“Yes, I think we have a really nice group as a committee. Last week before the borrel at Pllek we went out for dinner with the committee, so the five of us, which was really nice. And next to that I also think that the dynamic in the group is really great. We are all excited for the introduction week and we all get along very well.” 

As Julian mentioned the borrel at Pllek we were curious about what his favorite EOS memory was and he had two favorite memories: 

“I guess my favorite is the borrel at the Deugniet last year in June, but that was also partly because for the rest of the year we couldn’t do anything due to the lockdown. So this was the first physical borrel again, so it was really nice to meet and see everyone again. But next to that I also enjoyed last week Thursday really much when we went to Pllek. It was a really nice location and there where a lot of fun people and after Pllek we all went to Hotshots where we stayed until like 3 AM in the morning.” 

To close off the interview we wanted to know what Julian was looking forward to the most that was EOS related:  

“I look forward to the introduction week to see if we can gather new fun members who are also willing to invest into the ambiance of EOS. And I look forward to stay in touch with all the people that I know from here, because I made some good friends here.” 

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