Get to know Isa Krowinkel

It’s December! The last Get To Know Me(mber) interview of this year is with Isa Krowinkel. With the Winter Sports Trip coming up, we were curious about the life of the External Affairs member of the Winter Sports Committee.

Welcome Isa! We’re happy to have you here. Let’s start with an introduction!

“I’m 19 years old. I study Anthropology, I’m a second-year student there. I joined the Winter Sports Committee this year. I was not in a committee before because not many people around me were active within EOS so then I felt a little bit weird to join the committee. Also, I was planning on joining a rowing association, but I didn’t get in this year, I got in the spring so I’m also a member of the rowing association next to the EOS. And my two roommates, Joris and Camee, made me join EOS after all so now I am doing a committee here to get more active.”

We’re glad that Isa has decided to organise one of the most fun EOS trips this year! We wondered what else makes her heart beat faster:

“During my free time I like to read and I like listening to music! Also, I play a little bit of guitar, not much, just something I taught myself during Covid. I like being creative, drawing, painting, and anything like that. I also work at the tree climbing park in the Amsterdam forest! In the winter we’re closed so I’m not too busy with that right now, but that’s where I spend a lot of my summers.”

Creative and sporty! Isa hasn’t been very active at EOS before, but here roommates got her excited:

“Last year I was a member and I went to the gala but nothing else. I didn’t know anybody yet. Firstly, I joined for the book discount because I was like “OH I’m gonna buy books and have a discount, perfect I’ll join and become a member because it is very cheap to become one”. And then, like I said, my two roommates, they are both quite active, they started saying “you have to come!” and I was like “Ok, sure, I’ll join” and then one thing led to another and here I am!”

Isa then also was a mentor during the Introduction week, that’s where it really started for her. We asked her how she would pitch EOS if she had a roommate who is a member. She gave us a wonderful answer:

“I think what I like most about EOS, because I always compare it with school, is that people here are very close. It’s like a smaller group of people and everybody knows each other. Like at school it’s a very big group and there are always new people and faces you have to remember. With EOS it becomes a very close group I think and, it also, makes it more fun in my opinion.”

Our most famous question could then not be forgotten: what is Isa her favourite EOS memory? 

“I’m not sure when it was exactly, I think it was one of the borrels at the beginning of my EOS time. We went to Hotshots and a song “Zombie” came up. Apparently it’s a thing that everybody in the Hotshots gets fireworks. I didn’t know that it is a thing. There are those fountain sparkly fireworks. And apparently, it already happened multiple times and for my roommate, it was just normal. But for me…everybody had those fountains and the song was banging and we were all dancing. I was so happy, you know, with all these nice people around me. I think that was one of my favourite memories. I told my roommate “Oh it was so fun with the fountains” and he was like “we do this all the time” but for me, it was an amazing experience!”

We’re happy to hear that Isa had such a good time at Hotshots! We’re curious what beautiful memories she will make this year with the Winter Sports Committee:

“All I knew before applying for a committee was that I wanted to be in one. I did not necessarily know which committee and I did not have much of a preference. So then we had this committee market where I just walked in and Lisa and Margot were there so I said to them “Ok guys I wanna do a committee. Which one would you advise me to do?” Then we just started talking and after 30 minutes we decided on the Top 3 for me. I wanted to be in Carpe Noctem, Winter Sports, and my third option was maybe Sports Committee, I’m not sure anymore. And I just felt like this was a committee that would get me into EOS because you go on a trip with members so you get to know people.  Fun fact, I have never been on winter sports before. It was something that I have always wanted to try and I felt that this was a good opportunity to try to do this so I’m pretty excited.”

Isa will hit the slopes for her first time during the EOS Winter Sports Trip in Avoriaz! But before we head to France, the Holidays are coming up first. We asked her about her favourite Holiday traditions:

“I feel like a lot of Dutch people do gourmetten. It’s like you have this big plate and you put little pans with food on top of it. We do it on the 5th of December during Sinterklaas so it is not on Christmas but I feel like a lot of people do it at Christmas as well. Our family on Christmas just has a big dinner with family, we visit our relatives but we do not have a clear tradition that we do each year.”

Looking forward to the Holidays, our last question was what she wishes for students for the Holidays:

“That’s a good one! I am debating whether I am just gonna wish everybody happy holidays, but no. I always say that if we would just be a little nicer to each other the world would be a better place. During this time we have a lot of different opinions and hardships with each other so maybe I would just like to wish for everybody to find a little love in their lives and love the people that are around you, even if you don’t know them, and go from there. Also, have a happy new year and maybe the best year you’ve ever had until this and then the next year again and again.”

With this beautiful message we end the last interview of 2022! Thank you Isa, for your time and your wishes!

Do you feel like being the next EOS superstar and can’t wait to be interviewed? 

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Featured member: Isa Krowinkel, External Affairs Winter Sports Committee, 2022 – 2023

Interview done by: Laura Bubelyte, General Member Media Committee

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