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Get to know me(mbers) – Hesper

We are happy to announce our first: Get to know me(mbers) with our guest Hesper Verhoeven. The main idea of  ‘GET TO KNOW ME(mbers)’ is to let you guys know who your fellow members are and highlight the members who participate actively within our Faculty Association EOS. Hesper joined the network committee this year and we invited her to get to know more about her personally and also to get more information about her position within EOS and what things she does related to our faculty association.

Hesper used to study international hospitality management in Leeuwarden. After she finished her bachelor’s program she decided to apply for a premaster at the VU. She is now in her first year of the study Cultural Organizations and Management. She was chose this premaster because she is very interested in different organizational cultures and she may want to do something within consultancy. Next to her study, she works at DPA professionals in the recruitment team. She describes her work at DPA professionals as follows:

“Within the business unit of Privacy & Information security, I am involved in the entire recruitment process. I enjoy the conversations with all the different people working in the field of data protection, because it has become an important topic for organizations. I work 28 hours a week, which may sound like a lot, but since my premaster is part-time I am able to combine it for now.

Hesper also appreciates her free time. She loves to go out for dinner and find new places in Amsterdam together with her boyfriend. She said she goes out for dinner nearly every week and also has a list of all the nice places to go to in Amsterdam. She describes good food and wine as a big part of her life. Next to her passion for the culinary Hesper likes to ski. She took a ski instructor course a few years ago. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, she was not able to teach in Austria. Although she did not have the chance to bring her skills into practice, she stays hopeful and wants to teach next year.

Next to Hesper’s personal life she also plays an important role within the Network Committee. She is the chair of this enthusiastic committee and works together with seven other members. She applied for this committee after coming to the committee orientation day. Hesper wanted to do something where she could focus on what to do after her studies. Because she already obtained her bachelor’s degree, she does have to find out what she wants to do in her future. Besides that, this was a great opportunity to find out her options within consultancy. She shortly describes her work within the network committee:

“We are currently making partnerships with a large variety of interesting companies. These companies will be present at the Career Week, Consultancy Day and other activities.”

For the 2022 Career Week – Your way to network, the Network Committee invited 8 companies for the speeddate event that they’ll be hosting. Hesper is proud of this particular accomplishment by her committee. Whilst being excited about the Career Week that will take place in a couple of weeks, she’s also a bit nervous about this great event. Despite the healthy portion of tension, she describes the organizing process as follows:

“It is a certain vibe amongst the team, because we work towards the common goal of having a successful Career Week. After the event is finished, I think that we can proudly say that we did a great job.”

To end the interview in a fun way, we asked her about her favorite EOS memory. Hesper had a very nice and surprising answer to this question:

Well, every time when it is someone’s birthday we celebrate it. For our meetings, we come together and then someone brings cake and someone else brings champagne or something else and then we just take a moment to celebrate it with each other. The last time was over zoom and we all had some decorations, so, for example, I put the decorations of my Christmas tree to drape around me like a scarf. I just like the small, fun moments that we have when we are not able to go out for other activities due to covid.”

We want to thank Hesper for her time and story.

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Featured member: Hesper Verhoeven, Network Committee 2021 – 2022

Written by: Minou de Sanders, Media Committee 2021 – 2022

Supervised by: Emma Arayess, Public Relations of the XXVIth board of Faculty Association EOS

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