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Dear members,

Our board started off during a really confusing time. We did not know what was possible to organize and we were afraid that we could not see each other in real life. A curse had been laid upon us that we would have to do everything online. Luckily, that is not the case and we organized our first “borrel” last thursday, which was a great success.

Now something more personal, for those who do not know me yet, my name is Joep Sturm and I am 22 years old. Previous years I have completed both the bachelor and the master of political science. In my spare time I am learning the Chinese language and this year I will be doing both the previous functions of External Affairs and Faculty Affairs under the new name of Network Officer. For me personally this has been a real challenge, as it is the first time EOS has known a Network Officer, it was a little confusing as to what I had to do. But luckily, I have the best board members around me to help me through it!

My current job consists of keeping the faculty updated of our affairs and the other way around. I am currently working on organizing a lunchlecture about mental health, I am starting up a research about all the students on the FSS, so that I can connect business and students their preference better than ever. Furthermore I am currently in contact with three organisations in order to establish a possible partnership. 

Last but not least the introduction month. The board is currently occupied to organize a kick off month designed to fill in the hole that was left after the introduction weeks were cancelled. As we understand the lack of a social basis is a vital problem for the development of our students, we wanted to organize something that would compensate for this loss! I hope to see everyone in a committee the coming academic year and I will catch you all later!

谢 谢 再 见 

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